Sterilisation of Dental Instruments

NDCP is very particular about the sterilization, cleanliness and hygiene standards in the clinic. For the prevention of various oral diseases or cross infection they follow strict sterilization protocols. There are dedicated staff for sterilizing surfaces, instruments and rooms. They use barrier control methods, disinfectant wipes and UV lights to sterilize the rooms. There are chemical baths, UV chambers, hot air sterilizers, glass bead sterilizers and class B autoclave to sterilize different types of instruments. The autoclaves are calibrated periodically to check their efficiency.

Surgical instruments, examination instruments, handpieces etc., are wrapped and sterilized in special sterilization pouches. Antiseptic mouthwashes are used for chair side rinsing for patients during treatment.

RO treated water is supplied to dental chairs at NDP. Chairside assistants wear mouth masks and gloves while assisting. Patients and Staff are provided with separate clinic footwear to use in clinic premises. Alternatively disposable shoe wrap dispenser is also available at NDP.

Dental Sterilization