A root canal is one of the most common procedures that is performed to save your teeth and prevent the need for extraction followed by implants and bridges.

A patient requiring a Root Canal Treatment generally experiences pain in a tooth while biting or lying down or at times may notice pus on the gum next to the teeth. Many times RCT is required for fractured teeth as well. At Nanda Dental, our dentists are dedicated to providing the best root canal treatment using the latest technology in a family-friendly environment. Since root canals can produce high anxiety, we take time to evaluate your condition and develop a treatment plan.

The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment necessary for carrying out efficient Root Canal Treatments in Pune. The utmost care and detailed attention have together ensured a very high success rate in Endodontic therapies carried out at this clinic. We have successfully treated hundreds of complex cases of a root canal, including avulsed (out of socket due to trauma) teeth with endodontic therapy and replantation/ splinting. In addition, we are known for providing the best root canal treatment in Pune and carrying out successful single visit root canals for patients having limited time as in cases of dental tourism or as a part of implant procedures.

At Nanda Dental Care, delivering gentle and compassionate dental care that every patient deserves is our priority. We help you stay at ease by providing exceptional dental care in a relaxed environment. Although the cost of the root canal depends on the tooth condition, you will find the best treatment that lasts a lifetime at most affordable prices at our clinics.

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