Safe Dental Care


Daily Clinic Fumigation

Our clinics are fumigated multiple times in a day to ensure the elimination of all forms of microbial life including viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc..


Frequent Disinfection of all Surfaces

Regular disinfection of all surfaces after every patient is ensured.


Sterilisation for Instruments

We ensure a 100% sterile and safe environment for patients and staff.


UV Light (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Technologies

UV Light Disinfection installed in clinics.


Upgraded Pre-treatment Protocols for Patients and Visitors

Modified Protocols which patient needs to follow before and during the visit to the clinic. These include hand sanitization, medical history, infra -red thermal scanning, Oxygen Saturation Check and Chlorhexdine mouth rinsing.


High Standard PPE for Dentists and Dental Assistants

Our policy ensures use of best in class standard PPE's for all dentists and dental assistants to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between patients, thereby ensuring patient and staff safety.


Digital Enabled Proprietary software for complete medical records

We hava an in-house secured central electronic medical system, that records the entire journey of the patient starting from their first visit. This is to ensure high-quality treatment and patient safety.


All Doctors and clinic staff undergo mandatory training on upgraded COVID Protocols

We have upgraded COVID Protocols in a view to enhance professional competence in clinic procedures.



NDCP is very particular about the sterilization, cleanliness and hygiene standards in the clinic. For the prevention of various oral diseases or cross infection they follow strict sterilization protocols. There are dedicated staff for sterilizing surfaces, instruments and rooms. They use barrier control methods, disinfectant wipes and UV lights to sterilize the rooms. There are chemical baths, UV chambers, hot air sterilizers, glass bead sterilizers and class B autoclave to sterilize different types of instruments. The autoclaves are calibrated periodically to check their efficiency.

Surgical instruments, examination instruments, handpieces etc., are wrapped and sterilized in special sterilization pouches. Antiseptic mouthwashes are used for chair side rinsing for patients during treatment.

RO treated water is supplied to dental chairs at NDP. Chairside assistants wear mouth masks and gloves while assisting. Patients and Staff are provided with separate clinic footwear to use in clinic premises. Alternatively disposable shoe wrap dispenser is also available at NDP.



The clinic is fully equipped to manage medical and non medical emergencies. Right from power failure, fire safety, to complications like post surgical bleeding and syncope, etc. the team of doctors, assisting staff are well trained to manage all kind of emergencies. Fire extinguishers are kept in sensitive areas for fire safety. The clinic is also backed up with inverters and generators to ensure smooth running of the clinic.

Oxygen cylinders, emergency medical drugs, glucose, glucometer, blood pressure and pulse monitors are available at all times. Emergency on call doctors and ambulance services are always available. The clinic is tied up with Ruby Hall Clinic and all compromised/ complicating and emergency cases are treated there.

The premises of the clinic are under CCTV surveillance to monitor and put a check on all activities to ensure smooth running of the clinic. To ensure safety of staff and doctors all bio medical waste especially needles, blades and sharp objects and contaminated cotton, gauze etc are disposed off very carefully and appropriately to avoid cross infection, injury etc.

Safety screens are used by doctors and lab technicians to protect eyes from injuries as and when required. Patients are provided with protective eye wear whenever needed, esp. those who are sensitive to light. Regular vaccination for hepatitis, tetanus etc. and routine health check ups are carried out for the entire team at NDC/P.