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Orthodontist & Braces Specialist in Pune

The clinic started as an Orthodontic practice in 1977. Dr. Prem Nanda is one of the senior most Orthodontist in Pune. Dr. Nanda does the treatment planning including the type of braces , cost, duration etc. Today there are full-time Orthodontists under him, who are present all the time to attend to Orthodontic patients, emergencies, follow up, check missed appointments, arrange transfers, maintain pre and post-orthodontic records and coordinating between various branches. Patients can visit any of the branches as per their convenience. There are many patients traveling between Dubai and Pune for Orthodontic treatment! A lot of outstation patients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc come regularly for their braces treatment.

Since the cost of getting the appliance fixed in some countries is very high, patients can fix the latest technology appliance here which would have been expensive to afford otherwise.

The clinic is abuzz with patients from most of the schools in Pune. Dr. Prem Nanda is a favorite amongst many students and children. The clinic is tied up with many residential schools, who bring their students here for braces and other treatment. Nanda Dental Care/Premiere provides the finest braces specialist in Pune with best Orthodontic inventory. Dentacare ensures a continuous, complete and latest supply of orthodontic materials to the clinic. World class brackets, archwires and techniques are being used in patients. There is no compromise in the use of materials in patients which makes us the best orthodontist in Pune. All kinds of Orthodontic treatment is carried out here. Right from the traditional Removable, Fixed and Functional appliances even the new age Invisible braces (Aligners), Lingual braces can be done here. All Orthognathic surgeries are carried out in Ruby Hall Clinic.  

orthodontist braces specialist in pune