Orthodontic treatments have made significant advancements over several decades that they can now improve the appearance and self-esteem of people remarkably. Quality orthodontic treatments can create beautiful smiles not only for kids but for adults as well. Patients of all ages can get benefited from the orthodontic treatment, if carried out using the latest technology and right dental procedures and principles.

Nanda dental clinic has a long-standing reputation in Pune dating back to 1977 when the clinic was started. Dr Prem Nanda is one of the senior-most Orthodontist in Pune who strives to provide outstanding orthodontic care. Dr Nanda administers the treatment keeping in mind the unique needs of the patients with special focus on decreasing the risk of future dental problems. Our practise is focused on convenience so much so that many patients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Dubai travel to Nanda Dental in Pune for Orthodontic treatment!

Nanda Dental Care also features a team of best Orthodontists in Pune working under Dr Nanda, helping him 360o in managing Orthodontic patients, emergencies, follow up, missed appointments, transfers, and coordinating between various branches. Patients can visit any of the nearest branches of the clinic in Pune for braces or any other orthodontic treatment as per their convenience. Right from the traditional Removable, Fixed and Functional braces to the new age Invisible braces (Aligners), and Lingual braces, patients can find the right treatment for them here. All Orthognathic surgeries are carried out in Ruby Hall Clinic. Since the cost of braces and other orthodontic treatments in some countries and even cities in India is very high, patients can fix their smiles at Nanda Dental, which offers all the treatments at affordable costs.

The clinic also tied up with many residential schools so the students can get theirbraces, Invisalign and other treatment in Pune at competitive prices. Nanda Dental Care/Premiere also features the best inventory and ensures a continuous, complete and latest supply of orthodontic materials to the clinic. World-class brackets, archwires and techniques are used at the clinic. There is no compromise in the use of materials in patients which makes us the best orthodontist in Pune.

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