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About us

About us

NANDA DENTAL CARE was established by Dr. Prem Nanda in 1977. What started as an Orthodontic practice then, has over a period of about four decades , grown into a big organization which specializes in every aspect of dentistry.

Ever since its inception, Nanda Dental Care has been ranked amongst the top most Dental Clinics in India.

With highly experienced staff, world class infrastructure and contemporary dental technology Nanda Dental Care Premiere has become an iconic dental clinic spread over 6 locations in 2 countries and still growing.

Years of experience has given them deep insights into dental problems, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment execution. Nanda Dental Care Premiere has become a brand name and is a leading team in dentistry today. 


Nanda Dental Care

This clinic is located in the heart of the city! This is where it all began! As old the building of Chetna apartments is, that much more modern the clinic is! Four decades now, this clinic has seen thousands and thousands of patients. It’s a busy practice and many of Dr Nanda’s old clientele prefer to come here. It’s a convenient location for patients staying in central Pune.

The team of this clinic is responsible for carrying out and monitoring all extra curricular activities of the organization like screening, check up camps, marketing, quality control, inventory management, etc. They ensure the availability of doctors at all centres. They form the back up and support team. They are always available for post surgical follow up, emergencies , managing appointments, co-ordinating between all branches, doctors, consultants and patients. All kind of dental treatment is carried out here.

Nanda Dental Care Premiere

This is one of the Iconic and most advanced dental centers in India having the latest and most sophisticated equipment and state of the art technology.

Established in 2014 this clinic is made to international standards. This is a multistoried building, with the clinic on the ground floor and the conference room and business sections on the top. Once inside it does not feel like a clinic, it feels like a lounge! Privacy of patients is maintained since every chair has a separate room. There is a separate private waiting/ post operative recovery area and a common waiting room for patients. They also have a separate play area for small children.

Patients come from all parts of the city and many towns and cities across the state. Today they have reached out to patients from different parts of India and around the world. It is a preferred location for all VIP’s, NRI’s and foreigners! Senior management and employees of renowned and top most companies also visit this centre. The clinic has become a destination for Dental Tourism. It is also the centre for the Implant Training Programmes.


Medcare Hospital l. L. C

Dr Prem Nanda visits Dubai, UAE, for about 2 weeks every month. Initially he visited Welcare Hospital LLC, Dubai, UAE from January 2001 to Sept 2007 as a specialist Orthodontist, Medcare Hospital since September 2007 to 2019 as a specialist Orthodontist and Implantologist. He started visiting Emirates Hospital since 2019 as a specialist Orthodontist and Implantologist

Emirates Hospital Jumeirah, a subsidiary of Emirates Healthcare Company, is an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare ecosystem providing personalised, real-time healthcare solutions.

Many patients especially families, frequent travelers and working professionals who travel between Dubai and India have benefitted from this. They start treatment in India and continue or complete it there and vice versa! Quite often patients who come for medical treatment to the hospital get their dental treatment done too. One can call up the hospital and check with the dates on which they are available to fix an appointment.

Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic is a prominent hospital in Pune founded by Dr K. B. Grant. Nanda Dental Care/Premiere manages the Dental Check up of patients availing the Health check up/ Wellness packages in Ruby Hall Clinic at Sassoon Road, Wanowrie and Hinjewadi. They also check up ward patients admitted in the hospital, give dental consent/clearance before major medical procedures/ surgeries. Any dental procedures if required before surgery are carried out by them.

They are also responsible for giving dental clearances for Visas for patients seeking to travel abroad. Routine dental procedures are carried out at the the Ruby Hall Dental Department at Hinjewadi, Sassoon road and Wanowrie. All the branches have full time doctors and any of the team members may visit there if required to provide the best level of dental care. Many dental procedures/ surgeries of medically compromised patients, treatment under General Anesthesia, high risk cases needing medical supervision in a hospital environment are carried out at Ruby Hall Clinic. A special offer has been introduced by Ruby Hall Clinic and Nanda Dental Care Premiere for Dental Check up patients

A Special offer exclusively for the benefit of those who visit the Health Check Departments at any of the Ruby Hall branches. GET A ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP AT ONLY Rs 990/- AND GET EXCELLENT BENEFITS AND OFFERS ON YOUR DENTAL TREATMENT.

  • 4 Dental Consultations Free.
  • 2 Treatments of Cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis/ Scaling & Polishing) Free .
  • 50% Off on x-rays (Conducted at Ruby Hall Dental Dept/Health Check and Opg's/rvg’s Taken at Nanda Dental Care/Premiere).
  • 20 % Off on All other Dental Treatments*.


Established in 1985, Dentacare is a company known for the latest innovative dental products . Always amongst the first to introduce new successful technologies to the dentists in India. Dentacare also organizes number of Dental continuing education courses in relation to their innovative and reliable dental products so that the doctors are continuously updated on the latest techniques, technologies and trends.

They are stockists and suppliers for Implants and Implant related products, Orthodontic and other general dental materials. They have well laid out a distribution network covering most parts of India, their sister concern ‘Sawbros’ in Dubai handles international trade. They have participated in all major Dental/ Implant conferences trade fairs in India and International World Trade fairs.

The reputation of Dentacare and Sawbros has been built on an effective and efficient customer service base, and reinforced by the highest quality products they offer

Nanda Dental Care/ Premiere Institute of Dental Implants

Since last 8 years, the clinic has also been a leading training centre in dental Implantology, especially immediate loading of dental implants, for doctors from all over India and nearby countries. Initially the courses were conducted at the East Street clinic. Now they are conducted at the Koregaon Park clinic. This centre is totally equipped with the latest AV equipment and has a seating area for about 100 participants. There is a separate area for dining and recreation for participants. The surgery area has the most modern and technologically advanced setup.

Till today more than 60 courses have been conducted and more than seven hundred doctors have been trained by Dr. Prem Nanda. He along with Dr Sacheev Nanda teach the Surgical and Prosthetic protocol of Implants.

Many a times specialized courses have been conducted in collaboration with doctors from other countries. They both have given lectures at many places in India and around the world. Doctors from all over the country and various parts of the world have attended these courses. These courses help ensure that the entire team remains at the forefront in the field of dentistry.


Dr. Prem Nanda

"The proudest moment is when the patients I treated many years ago got their children for treatment and now they get their grandchildren.”

Dr. Prem Nanda, M.D.S. 1976, a gold medalist from Bombay University, has undergone advanced training in Oral Implantology and Orthodontics at various centers in USA, Holland, Germany & Switzerland. He has an experience of more than 26 years in Implantology and has received the Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2003. He is the first clinician in India to use Basal implants and is the first recognized teacher of Basal implants in India.

He started the department of Orthodontics at Poona Medical foundation’s Ruby Hall Clinic in 1976. He visited Welcare Hospital LLC, Dubai, UAE as a specialist Orthodontist from January 2001 to 2007. Since September 2007 he has been visiting Medcare Hospital Dubai, UAE as a specialist Orthodontist and Implantologist. He was also appointed Hon. Orthodontist to H.E. The Governor of Maharashtra. He was the of President Indian Dental Association in 1984-85.

Dr. Prem Nanda is also an accredited member of the Indian Orthodontic Society, Indian Society of Oral Implantologists, Indian Dental Association, World Federation of Orthodontists, American Association of Orthodontists, International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Academy of Dentistry International.

Currently he runs a busy practice in Pune and Dubai with special emphasis on Implantology, Surgery and Orthodontics and conducts a clinical training course in dental implants at his centre in Pune.


Dr. Sacheev Nanda

“I hope someday we will be able to make available the best dental care to each and everyone. We will try to reach out to all patients in and around our city. Be easily accessible to patients across our country and all around the Globe.”

Dr.Sacheev Nanda, Prosthodontist, gold medalist from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, has undergone advanced training in General and Cosmetic Dentistry with various doctors from around the world. He has spent time training with the Pioneers of Immediate loading dental implants and Basal implants and trained in Advanced Surgical procedures for placing dental implants in areas with little or no bone, pterygoid implants and bone grafting procedures. He has amassed a wide array of skills to help provide a reliable solution to complex cases. He has attended various Dental Update Programmes on treatment technologies and latest trends in dentistry in India and around the world.

He has handled the expansion and enrichment of Nanda Dental Care Premiere in Pune since 2005. He is the chief co-ordinator and decision maker in the organization. He visits Medcare, Dubai 2- 3 days a month as a consultant Prosthodontist. Visits to Ruby Hall branches are on call only

Along with Dr. Prem Nanda he conducts the Implant training program in Pune. He has been invited numerous times to give presentations on the topic of Dental Implants – Immediate Loading at various national and international events and conferences, most recently at Poland, Spain, France and the USA.

Mrs. Sujata Nanda

Partner Dentacare
“We keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the field of dental materials and technologies.”

Mrs. Sujata Nanda is a driving force of this organization. A key motivator, major decision maker, she is proactively involved in managing both the administration and business sections of the organization. She ensures that Nanda Dental Care Premiere has the latest and up to date, high quality, dental products as per international standards in the world!


Mr. Promeet Nanda,

Partner Dentacare, Implant course co-ordinator
“The courses have become very popular now. The number of doctors enrolling have increased over a period of time!”

Mr. Promeet Nanda Managing Dir. Dentacare has been efficiently managing the Implantology courses held at Nanda Dental Premiere. He is responsible for enrolling participants and co-ordinating between doctors and patients, arranging accommodation for out station patients and marketing and sale of implants and implant related products.