Nanda Dental Care Premiere has the latest X-Ray machines in the world. In house CBCT machines make it convenient for immediate diagnosis, comphrensive treatment planning and post operative reviewing. Portable X-Ray machines, RVG’s, Digital X-Ray developing units make it easier, comfortable and convenient for doctors and patients for taking X-Rays.

The clinic is equipped to take RVG’s, CBCT, Lateral Cephalograms, Bite-Wing X-rays and TMJ views. Self developing films are used during home visit’s, outdoor check ups and screening camps. The new generation machines are very safe and have reduced exposure time and very low radiation. Lead aprons, thyroid collars and lead glass has been used to further reduce exposure to radiation. TLD batch’s/ Dosimeter’s are used to monitor radiation exposure at regular intervals The clinic gets annual X-ray equipment quality check done and radiation monitored and is registered with AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board).

Dental Radiology