Oral Surgeon - Tooth Extractions Treatments in Pune

The clinic is well equipped to carry out surgical procedures. Surgical procedures like third molar (wisdom teeth) extraction, impacted canine exposure/extraction, frenectomy, apicoectomy, bone grafting, implant related surgeries, cyst enucleation etc. are carried out by Dr Prem Nanda and Dr Sacheev Nanda. The clinic has a team of associate Oral Surgeons for highy complex procedures like facial fractures, orthognathic surgeries, carcinomas etc. Emergency treatment for facial injuries especially involving front teeth where the teeth get dislodged from the socket, fractured or loose with soft tissue injury and/or fracture of the supporting bone is carried out here. These injuries occur very often, due to road accidents, sports injuries, children falling while playing etc. The incidence of impacted wisdom teeth in our country is very high, the reason being that the Asian population quite often has smaller jaws, and since the wisdom teeth are the last to grow (approximately around 18-25yrs of age) they do not get place to come out! Many a times the upper wisdom tooth impinges on the gum below or the gums around the partially erupted lower wisdom tooth gets inflamed requiring a procedure called

Operculectomy/Pericoronal flap excision. An OPG is usually taken to decide the fate of the wisdom teeth. Not so often a 3D X-Ray (CBCT) may be required to check the relation of the wisdom tooth to the Mandibular nerve. Most of the procedures are carried out under Local Anesthesia. The clinic uses the finest needles and cartridges in the world (Septodont, France). At times procedures may require General Anesthesia. Such cases may be done in a hospital environment or in the clinic itself depending on the treatment to be done or the patients medical history. The clinic has an on call Anesthesiologist for administering GA. Ethicon sutures are used for suturing. Resorbable sutures are used when patients are travelling and cannot visit the clinic for removal of sutures (stitches).

oral surgeon extractions treatments in pune