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Safety And emergencies

Dental Safety & Emergencies

The clinic is fully equipped to manage medical and non medical emergencies. Right from power failure, fire safety, to complications like post surgical bleeding and syncope, etc. the team of doctors, assisting staff are well trained to manage all kind of emergencies. Fire extinguishers are kept in sensitive areas for fire safety. The clinic is also backed up with inverters and generators to ensure smooth running of the clinic.

Oxygen cylinders, emergency medical drugs, glucose, glucometer, blood pressure and pulse monitors are available at all times. Emergency on call doctors and ambulance services are always available. The clinic is tied up with Ruby Hall Clinic and all compromised/ complicating and emergency cases are treated there.

The premises of the clinic are under CCTV surveillance to monitor and put a check on all activities to ensure smooth running of the clinic. To ensure safety of staff and doctors all bio medical waste especially needles, blades and sharp objects and contaminated cotton, gauze etc are disposed off very carefully and appropriately to avoid cross infection, injury etc.

Safety screens are used by doctors and lab technicians to protect eyes from injuries as and when required. Patients are provided with protective eye wear whenever needed, esp. those who are sensitive to light. Regular vaccination for hepatitis, tetanus etc. and routine health check ups are carried out for the entire team at NDC/P.

Safety- Energencies Nanda Dental Care Pune