April 17, 2019
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6 Amazing Ways You Can Prevent Cavities

Skipping a tooth brushing every now and then may look like no big deal— it’s not like you’re going to have a tooth loss. While […]
April 10, 2019
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7 Oral Health Concerns More Common in Old Age

Oral health is important for patients of all ages, but there are many problems that become more occurring in older patients. Old age adults are […]
April 2, 2019
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How to Eliminate Bad Breathe

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is an embarrassing hygiene issue that no one wants to have, but most of us get it now […]
March 18, 2019
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Visiting a dentist can be a spooky experience for some patients. Developing a trusting relationship with your Dentist can go a long way towards lowering […]
March 12, 2019
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How Can Soft Drinks Affect Your Teeth

When it comes to keeping your family’s teeth healthy and strong, it’s important to ensure they brush and floss, but it’s just as crucial to […]
February 14, 2019
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Nutrition and Oral Health Recommendations for Children

Children need proper nutrition for their body development to grow big and strong, however, good nutrition also plays a significant role in the health of […]
February 12, 2019
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Dental Educational Program

The dentists at Nanda Dental Care recently attended an important continuing education programme on the topic “Efficient and Effective Interdisciplinary Treatment Protocols For Managing Complex […]
January 30, 2019
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Importance of Good Oral Health

Maintaining your teeth isn’t about looking good. More important is to keep most of the oral health issues away from your teeth. It is crucial […]
January 24, 2019
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How Can Gum Disease Affect Pregnancy

When a woman discovers that she’s pregnant, she makes an appointment with their doctor. But many people don’t realize how important is to visit a […]
January 22, 2019
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Foods For New Braces

You are new in the world of braces hence you probably going to experience some discomfort and soreness. It might take some time for you […]