February 14, 2019

Nutrition and Oral Health Recommendations for Children

Children need proper nutrition for their body development to grow big and strong, however, good nutrition also plays a significant role in the health of […]
February 12, 2019
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Dental Educational Program

The dentists at Nanda Dental Care recently attended an important continuing education programme on the topic “Efficient and Effective Interdisciplinary Treatment Protocols For Managing Complex […]
January 30, 2019
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Importance of Good Oral Health

Maintaining your teeth isn’t about looking good. More important is to keep most of the oral health issues away from your teeth. It is crucial […]
January 24, 2019
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How Can Gum Disease Affect Pregnancy

When a woman discovers that she’s pregnant, she makes an appointment with their doctor. But many people don’t realize how important is to visit a […]
January 22, 2019
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Foods For New Braces

You are new in the world of braces hence you probably going to experience some discomfort and soreness. It might take some time for you […]
January 16, 2019
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Dental Procedure to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth

Dental Procedure to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth   Someday you may fell on concrete. Or chewing ice or hard candy. Suddenly you realize […]
January 2, 2019
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Benefits of Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

For many people visiting a dentist always seems that they’re going to end up in a painful experience. They find excuse after excuse to avoid […]
December 27, 2018
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4 Reasons Why You Might Need a Root Canal.

So you visited your dentist for an examination and you’ve been told that you need to have a root canal. However, you might feel why […]
December 26, 2018
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In 2019, Say No to Smoking and Yes to Oral Health

It’s time to make a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking habits and improvise your oral health. People who smoke exploit themselves to many oral […]
December 12, 2018
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Dental implants: Are they strong enough like the originals?

Dental implants: Are they strong enough like the originals? In their healthy form, natural teeth are spectacularly strong and tough. Not only they support your […]